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In The News

Novak Juhase & Stern, LLP has been in major news publications over the last 25 years!

Wall Street Journal

New Jersey Doctor Added to SAC Probe Roster, Alex Novak, attorney for Dr. Joel Ross, Wall Street Journal Sept. 5, 2013


Broker Poker:"For retirees who fried their nest eggs or boomers who blew their kids' college tuition, the road to restitution could be as easy as calling 877-CAN-I-SUE." Time Magazine June 25, 2001

Interview of attorney Alexander Novak about the importance of having a halacha and regular will to avoid long lasting, divisive and expensive sibling disputes after the death of parents.  In article called From Sibling to Strange by Suri David appearing in March 17, 2021 edition of Ami Magazine.

“Alexander Novak an attorney as well as a toen in Bais Din and a Talmid Chocham, has  studied the most prevalent issues in the Botei Din over the past 500 years. Along with divorce cases, the inheritance of assets and rabbinical positions headed the list. Squabbling over inheritance is common, but with a few simple steps you may be able to avoid conflict”

Financial Web

Financial Web: Get Your Money Back, March 21, 2001 written by Alexander Novak

CBS Market Watch

TV interview with Alexander Novak about investor lawsuits against their brokers,  CBS MarketWatch August 19, 2001


Severance pay in Halacha and New York Law written by Alexander Novak, Page 103 The Jewish Home September 3, 2015

The Rockaway Wave

The Rockaway Wave, March 3, 2012: “On February 23, Alexander Novak, an attorney for Jacobs Real Estate Advisors of Lawrence, confirmed the eviction of North Lawrence's Mile High gentlemen's club on Rockaway Turnpike.”


The Jewish Star

Gourmet Glatt Fires Back, Novak Juhase & Stern hired to bring a million dollar defamation law suit against major kosher chicken producer (October 11, 2006)


“Give Me My Money Back”, interview with Alexander Novak,  Investing Kiplinger, January 21, 2001


Insider Trading Trial Focus on SAC's Cohen, Alex Novak, attorney for uncharged doctor,  Reuters Jan.6, 2014.


Lehman Brothers Ordered to Pay Israeli Entrepreneur $3.8 Million, November  7, 2005 in  Haaretz Daily Newspaper, reporting on a large case handled by Alexander Novak.

Medical Economics

Online Investor Scams: "The scam artists make money by trapping people who invest as little as $1,000.  Multiply that small investment by hundreds of people." An interview with Alexander Novak.  Medical Economics, April 10, 2000

New York Law Journal

Appeals Court Reverses Guardianship.  New York Law Journal, page 1, May 17, 1996


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